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Optical Bond

Complete process technology, providing one-stop professional services. Combine optical optimization technology (eg. optical bonding, brightening, anti-reflection, etc.), wide viewing angle technology, and projected capacitive touch integrated technology. MEGATRONICS provides a diversified panel value-added solutions and complete product services.

Optical Bond – Wet + Dry bond process

✓No RTV sealing will fill into the gap between backlight and LCD
✓ No pressure or glow marks because of soft and gentle attachment process.
✓ Superior control on bond line thickness
✓ Fully repairable ✓ High process yield
✓ Curing time period can be controlled .


    Wet-bond process (Liquid - OCR)
  • Can be repaired and adjusted once cured .
  • Suitable for Glass to Glass bonding.
  • The liquid properties can fill in gaps and uneven surface.
  • Well control for low thickness (<0.15mm) and cost low
Dry-bond process (OCA)


S - OCA ( Dry-bond process )
    S – OCR ( Wet + Dry bond process )
  • Non-yellowing over time .
  • No adhesive will flow into the backlight and damage the LCD.
  • Superior control on bond line thickness.
  • Fully repairable.
  • Superior control on tolerances.

Extreme Environmental Application

MEGATRONICS has developed in outdoor and extreme environmental use display for a long term. We observed the problems that come across outdoor displays such as images unclear under sunshine, operation unstable in extreme temperatures and the danger of cover lens breaking, and we devote to overcome them. With our technology and experience in display that uses outdoor or in extreme environment, we provide a complete solution for our customers.

Provide the best rugged intelligent solution

Provide the best rugged intelligent solution

• Industrial
• Military
• Avionics
• Medical

Laboratory Ability

Shock Test Equipment

Parameter setting :
ITEM Marine
Setting 45g,5ms,
Frequency 1 impact per second
Direction X,Y,Z
Test Time: 125000 cycles per axis

Experimental objective :

  • Simulate the dramatic impact caused by bump and crash during products transportation and in the process of usage.
  • The reliability of the structure and performance of marine products under severe impact is verified.

Shock Test Equipment

Parameter setting :
ITEM Normal Marine Automotive
Frequency 10~55HZ 10~55HZ 10~200Hz
Amplitude 1.5mm 1.5mm 10Hz to 25Hz :
The amplitude is 2mm
-25Hz to 200Hz :
The acceleration is 2G
Sweep time 11Min 2H 15Min
Test period 6 Cycles 1 Cycles X , Z : 8 Cycles,
Y : 16 Cycles

Experimental objective :

Simulate the vibration environment of the product in the process of transportation or usage, and to determine the extent of damage after the product or package vibrating at a certain frequency.

Salt Fog Test

Parameter setting :
ITEM Marine
ChanmerTemp. 35℃
Pressure barrel Temp. 47℃
Naclsolution 5%
Test Time: 500H

Experimental objective :

Simulate the surrounding climate of the ocean , to test corrosion resistance reliability of the tested samples, verify the corrosion resistance of AF, AR coating on the Cover in salty fog environment.

Contact Angle System

MAIN USAGE Contact Angle test
TEST OBJECTIVE Confirm the effect of AF coating on Cover

Bending Test

Parameter setting :
ITEM Marine
Point 4
Deflection 2mm
Test Time 10Min

Experimental objective :

  • Test deformation rate on glass surface caused by uniform pressure.
  • Verify the influence of deformation on the glue layer which caused by external force squeezing on optical products, and verify if peeling phenomenon will appear.

Drop – Impact Tester

Parameter setting :
IK level Energy(J) IK level Energy(J)
IK01 0.14 IK06 1.00
IK02 0.20 IK07 2.00
IK03 0.35 IK08 5.00
IK04 0.50 IK09 10.00
IK05 0.70 IK10 20.00

Main Usage:

To exert an instant impact on the glass,to verify the impact energy required to destroy the material.

ESD Tester

Parameter setting :
ITEM NORMAL / Marine Automotive
Condition 150pf 330Ω 150pf 150Ω
Contact (LCM) ±8 KV ±15KV
Contact (CTP) ±4 KV NA
Air(LCM) ±15 KV NA
Air(CTP) ±8 KV NA

Experimental objective :

Simulate the phenomenon of contact or air discharge which would probably happen in the process of product usage, verity the antistatic ability of the product.