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Comparison of differences between UV LED and UV lamp

ITEM UVC LED Module UV lamp
High voltage driver
starting circuit consumes more power

Wavelength Single UVC wavelength (278nm) Multi wavelength (200~400nm)
(UVC sterilization wavelength only accounts for 5%~10% of the total energy)
lifetime 20000hrs(2.28year) 9000hrs(1.02year)
boot time Immediately Slow (warm-up time 5~10 minutes)
(The sterilization wavelength can only be reached after the heat engine)
driver No additional drive (Cost save) & power saving Additional high voltage start driver & power consumption
Environmental damage No mercury, no ozone (environmental protection) Use mercury to generate ozone (200nm excites ozone)
(Ozone is harmful to the human body)
Heat generation low high
Safety high Low (easy to break; inhalation injury) mercury content
Trend Mainstream Prohibited by the Minamata Convention
Price Competitive (according to the cycle price advantage ) market price